6 new free PC games to grab, including a landmark for the genre

Freebox Delta and Revolution subscribers: 6 new free PC games to collect, including a monument of the genre

Every month, Prime Gaming offers several games to discover on PC, just subscribe to Amazon Prime to get them. Here is the selection of the moment.

Included in the Freebox Delta offer and offered for six months to Freebox Revolution subscribers, Amazon Prime provides access to many benefits: Prime Video, music streaming … but also free content for players with Prime Gaming.

Focus on the games you can pick up at Amazon Games during the month of May. As of this writing, six new games are available. Most games are available until June 1 next. In the last few months, Amazon has diversified games and even offered large licenses available from specific platforms to publishers.

Dead Space 2, survival-horror-cult to get on Origin

In the room, no one will hear you scream. You can experience the sequel to the cult title in the horror survival game genre Dead Space. The PC action game Dead Space 2 brings Isaac, the hero of the first opus, back to life 3 years after fleeing Ishimura, an abandoned spaceship. This time, Isaac is sent to The Sprawl, a giant wrecked station. In this sequel, the scenery is more varied, new weapons emerge, new puzzles and anxiety are always there. The game is available until May 31st.

A specific platform must be installed on your PC to enjoy this game, namely Origin. Simply download the platform to your PC, create an account and enter the code displayed on your Prime Gaming page to redeem the game. To do this, click “add a game” and then “redeem a product code” in the “my game” section. libraries ”.

5 games to download from Amazon Games

Adventure lovers, you can find The Curse of Monkey Island, well known to point and click enthusiasts and the third part of the Monkey Island saga, whose first titles have already been offered by Prime Gaming. The main character finds himself sailing aboard a bumper car, and while trying to regain his memories, he wants to embark on a new adventure.

You can also contact Shattered – Tale of the Forgotten King. You discover such a world which has changed radically after the disappearance of the king. When you travel to these abandoned lands, it is up to you to gather the fragments of reality and trace the fall of civilization through technical struggle, the exploration of an innovative open world, and the testimonies of survivors. Some more credible than others.

A little calmer gameplay awaits you out of the queue. This is a 2D platform and a puzzle whose universe is drawn by hand. Take San on her adventure to escape the factory she once called home. Immerse yourself in a story that takes place in a mysterious world, revealed over several chapters.

Do you like cats? Medieval fantasy? So cat issue is for you. Cat Quest is a 2D open-world RPG set in the wonderful world of cats. Play as a cat adventurer and explore a giant continent designed in the unique style of a tapestry! Relive map exploration as in the old days and plunder dungeons to find epic loot, complete quests and meet the many furry inhabitants of this world!

Another platformer you may be interested in: Mail Mole + ‘Xpress! An adorable 3D platformer game with a hero from outside this world in the lead role, trying to deliver the greatest delivery of his life. Molty, the postman mole must face the biggest platform challenges to reach Carrotland’s oldest mailboxes: bottomless gorges, giant boulders, steep slopes, bouncing platforms, sharp piles … and bumpy roads! But when the power is off, it is impossible to send an email!

How to recover games

Previously, it was necessary to go to a dedicated web page to download the rights to the games offered by Prime Gaming, and then to the Twitch application to install them. Amazon has gathered everything in one application: Amazon Games.

You can download it by clicking this link and then logging in with your Amazon Prime information. You will thus find, on the same interface, your free games to recover and the option to install them.

You will then need to click on “install” and when the procedure is complete, you can play your game. As a reminder, Prime Gaming is included for Freebox Delta subscribers and is offered for 6 months to Freebox Revolution subscribers and is available as an option for all other subscribers with the Amazon Prime subscription for 5.99 € / month.

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