26 innovation projects in quantum technologies in Quebec

The Government of Quebec announces the allocation of financial assistance totaling $ 5,240,052 to support the implementation of 26 innovation initiatives in quantum technologies for young high-growth companies as well as for Quebec SMEs.

These projects, which totaled investments of more than $ 13.5 million, materialize the companies’ innovation efforts and highlight collaborations between industry and research communities to stimulate the development of quantum technologies in Quebec. .

The announcement was made by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Mr Eric Girard: “With these projects we can confirm that the strength of quantum is its transversal nature. This is a promising niche for several key sectors of our economy and for all regions of Quebec With such quantum technology innovation initiatives, Quebec is strengthening its position among international leaders in this field of the future! “

The purpose of the initiatives is to ensure the development and consolidation of innovation efforts in quantum technologies, to strengthen companies’ technological innovation capacity and to materialize the valorisation and transfer of technologies through economic spin-offs and finally to help position Québec as a leader in quantum technology development.

Development must take place on:

  • of components ofquantum computers and of quantum communication;
  • quantum technologies that fall into the following (non-exclusive) areas:
    • life sciences (which includes, among other things, quantum simulation tools for the design of new drugs that potentially support or supplement artificial intelligence, as well as the development of innovative materials for medical applications);
    • Sustainable Development (which includes the development and use of devices such as quantum sensors for the detection of mineral deposits);
    • transport and logistics (which includes, among other things, the design of new innovative materials for vehicles or for aviation as well as quantum simulation tools for optimization in logistics and supply chains in support of or in addition to the ‘artificial intelligence’).

What is Quantum?
Quantum science, which describes the behavior of matter on a microscopic scale, now makes it possible to read and manipulate the state of matter and light on the subatomic scale. This capability drives a new generation of technologies, called quantum technologies, in areas as diverse as:

  • quantum calculation (which includes, but is not limited to, quantum computer development, quantum software, quantum computer programming languages, quantum algorithms, quantum simulations, and supporting technologies that are critical to the development of quantum computers. [ex. : microfabrication, réfrigération, manipulation de photons]);
  • quantum communication (which includes, inter alia, quantum cryptography, quantum internet, quantum networks, and this through the principles of quantum photonics, with several applications, especially in the field of security and defense and for the storage and processing of some information);
  • quantum materials (which includes the development or simulation of new materials with innovative quantum properties);
  • quantum metrology and detection (which includes the development of innovative devices based on quantum principles and in particular quantum photonics or applications for probing, measuring and manipulating with precision quantum properties of matter or photons).

The list of selected initiatives

Currently, the government has announced the projects for the first 2 of 4 components for startups and SMEs. The partnership projects will be announced at the end of this year.

Companies, organizations and researchers Project titles Investments Financial contributions
Optical beaver Fiber optic components for quantum communication $ 210,339 $ 37,310
NeoCtech Corporation Rare earth elements for quantum technologies $ 150,210 $ 75,000
Get bikes Phase controlled laser carrier envelope wave to drive quantum systems $ 316,000 $ 75,000
Nanoacademic technologies Quantum Transport Solver for computer-aided design $ 117,883 $ 35,350
MPB communication Generator development 2and resonant harmonics for high power visible single frequency light sources $ 279,016 $ 75,000
Quantum North Quantum Computer Supply Chain $ 150,000 $ 75,000
Plasmionics Development of a large-scale deposition system for nanostructured ferroelectric connections $ 356,420 $ 75,000
Qubic Microwave quantum transmitter $ 150,000 $ 75,000
SB Quantum Quantum nuclear radio for one-way communication $ 325,000 $ 75,000
In the blink of an eye
Development of a photon communication system for buses $ 300,000 $ 75,000
infinityQ technologies Design of a first proof of concept – physical measurements of quantum effects $ 219,200 $ 75,000
Two-Photon Research Canada Quantum Well Nanowire UV Imaging Array $ 281,564 $ 75,000
AWN Nanotech and
PRIMA Quebec
Accelerated innovation in quantum chemistry and carbon nanotechnology based on quantum computing $ 1,487,590 $ 726,088
Anyon systems,
Qube 4D Ventures and Prompt-Quebec
Automatic calibration and error reduction of a quantum processor
by deep learning
$ 1,857,397 $ 750,000
SB Technologies,
Solmax International and
PRIMA Quebec
Quality assurance of buried structures by diamond-based vector magnetometry $ 599,550 $ 299,775
Ghyslain Gagnon (Montreal School of Superior Technology),
Quantum eMotion and Prompt-Québec
Generation of quantum random numbers in a standard CMOS integrated circuit manufacturing process $ 431,260 $ 217,001
Raman Kashyap (Polytechnique Montreal), MPB Communications and PRIMA Quebec SPORTIQ: advanced sources of quantum technologies $ 613,608 $ 81,443
Roberto Morandotti (INRS – Energy, Materials and Telecommunications), OptoElectronic Components,
Ki3 photonic technologies and
PRIMA Quebec
Scalable and accessible photonics for the next generation of quantum units $ 390,000 $ 184,836
Tsuneyuki Ozaki (INRS – Energy, Materials and Telecommunications),
Axis Photonics,
Quantum Valley Investment and
PRIMA Quebec
Development of new quantum materials and ultra-fast characterization using advanced mid-infrared and terahertz spectroscopy $ 595,530 $ 280,164
ABC Dust Technologies Corp. Quantum improvement of extreme dust laser monitoring system $ 250,000 $ 75,000
Quantum North Second generation Qubit for Quantum Nord Acceleration $ 150,000 $ 75,000
Ki3 photonic technologies Optical source for generating pulsed quantum frequency combs $ 182,000 $ 42,000
Quantum North and 1QBit Advanced solutions for optimizing and characterizing high-performance quantum processors $ 1,494,181 $ 747,090
Plasmionics and RSL Group Development of NV diamond synthesis technology and processes for applications within room temperature quantum technology development $ 724,122 $ 325,177
David Ménard (Polytechnique Montreal) and SMT Quantum Receiver wireless detonator $ 812,604 $ 377,911
Roberto Morandotti (INRS – Energy, Materials and Telecommunications) and OptoElectronic Components Characterization of integrated quantum photonic devices $ 1,065,532 $ 235,907

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