$ 250 million for the meta-verse? HBAR sets the throttle

Meta HBAR! – HBAR Foundation, a non-profit organization, announced the launch of a new fund for the meta-verse. The purpose of this fund isaccelerate the development of the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem. The fund, launched with $ 250 million, will be used to encourage developers to transfer their metaverse products to the Hedera network. Another big step forward after colossal sum acquired by HBAR in September 2021. Thus, Hedera blockchain is evolving more and more and sees a potential future in the virtual world.

The battle for the meta-verse is heating up. Many organizations offer incentives for these experiences built using their own infrastructure. HBAR Foundation is an organization dedicated to cultivating the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem and its apps.

The organization believes that Hedera is an ideal platform for applications inspired by the meta-verse. As a result, the latter announced the launch of the THF Metaverse Fund. This fund will provide $ 250 million in programmer incentives who want to bring their metaverse apps to life using Hedera Hashgraph tools.

DLT (Decentralized Ledger Technology) is the key component of this infrastructure. It is the Hedera network that is best designed to meet the DLT requirements of enterprise platforms and their complex economies. »

HBAR Foundation Statement

HBAR is investing $ 250 million to develop the meta-verse on the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain.
HBAR is developing a fund to develop the concept metaverse on Hedera Hashgraph.

The fund is also convinced that it will be able tohelps newcomers in this virtual world to face the difficulties surrounding the launch of their products. Especially thanks to one “wealth of experience and financial backing … accelerates application development in high-growth target areas. »

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Development of concrete projects at Hedera

The foundation has come up with a couple of projects they are working on with different brands in the metaverse and NFT area. Tunefm and Siki, to name a few, want to develop their products on this blockchain. In games, HBAR aims to include more of these projects use middleware services. The latter actually allows rapid implementation of projects in the environment.

The foundation works with industry partners that brands trust to keep in the Web3 area. »

Statement from HBAR Foundation.

HBAR aims to develop the meta-verse on the Hedera blockchain.
The meta-verse is in full development, and Hedera Hashgraph intends to be a part of it!

The enterprise metaverse sector is also of particular importance to the organization. HBAR believes that the middleware intended to support this type of product is ” the key to fostering future virtual economies “. In that sense, the company expects that these products will also be developed on Hedera. In any case, they believe that the features of this blockchain are favorable to it.

Hedera’s metaverse fund joins other players who are also centering their interest in the development of the metaverse. According to a recent study, the virtual world will be a popular place to buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies. Hedera Hashgraph, who sees herself as the future of blockchain applications, intends to take advantage of these latest innovations.

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