24 hours in the life of a Google employee

What does a typical day look like for a Google employee? The web giant shines the eyes of many students and especially Tech enthusiasts, who all dream of becoming part of a company that focuses on quality of life at work. Go behind the scenes at Google’s US offices.

Social networks are taking up more and more space in our lives, to such an extent that some no longer hesitate to share their everyday lives on Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook. It’s on TikTok that a particular @julesmonica reveals his typical day as a Google employee at the Los Angeles office.

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Works at Google: Premium employee onboarding

The start of the day is very important, it is the one that will condition your mood for the day. At Google, we like to take care of employees as soon as they arrive at what is called a “ campus “. TikTokeuse indicates on social networks that she is starting her morning using Google’s free service. In fact, it indicates that the company’s car park is often full. To prevent employees from wasting time looking for a place, there is a officer present to take care of their vehicle.

Once the young Google employee has arrived at the site, he or she can enjoy a free breakfast, which includes fruit and beverages, such as iced coffee, for example. This is another very smart idea with this GAFAM, which allows its employees to waste less time in the morning, at home and to get to work earlier to get their snack.

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A royal breakfast break on Google

The king of search engine lunch breaks is also a popular moment for employees. On its campuses, Google provides its employees with more food trucks, so they can taste dishes from different horizons. The company also offers free food vending machines and canteens where employees do not have to pay for their food. Among the foods offered, there is a wide range of products, ranging from chips to cheese, including yogurt, fruit, cookies and cereal bars. There is also a salad bar.

In addition, Google has inserted a sleeping area that contains everything you need to rest well: a sofa, pillows, an armchair, sheets and blankets and a light therapy lamp. Employees can use them whenever they want during the day, to relax before returning to work.

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A relaxed work environment

All in all, what Jules Monica describes at Google is a relaxed work atmosphere. The company’s employees are free to use all the rooms made available to them, starting with the theme meeting rooms. In his TikTok, the internet user shows us the interior of one conference room decorated in a Harry Potter theme.

These are not the only infrastructures that are made available to employees. Depending on the campus, Google actually also offers gyms, games, etc. The goal is to make employees want to come to the office.

The relaxed atmosphere also translates into after-hours, as the self-described account strategist explains that Google employees often meet late in the day for more informal moments.


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Google and the employee experience

If this typical day for a Google employee is a dream, the company’s goal is not just the well – being of employees. By offering free food in the morning and dinner, the company allows its employees to spend less time outdoors, whether at home or in restaurants, to spend more time at work.

Services such as valet parking allow Google employees to waste less time in the morning when the nap room provides rest time for company employees, which may encourage them to work later as they are fresh and rested.

This work environment is a win-win operation both for Google, which can attract the best talent and encourage them to work more in a relaxed environment where everyone will do their best, and for employees who are pampered and save on parking or meal costs.

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