0.10% cashback with the entrepreneur’s mobile account

Mobilbanken N26 markets 4 offers dedicated to auto entrepreneurs and freelancers, which provide access to a professional account with a free Mastercard.

The N26 offers micro-entrepreneurs an account that is said to be the easiest to open, in just 8 minutes. The only document to be submitted is proof of identity (passport or identity card). Once the German nobank has validated this step, the new customer can finance his account by transfer while waiting to receive his bank card.

Mobile banking has 4 different offers, one free, two intermediate and one premium. However, they all provide access to a professional bank account with a Mastercard card, whose limits, PIN code and blocking can be changed via the application. All cards give access to free payments worldwide, as well as mobile and contactless payments. Depending on the offer, a more or less high cashback will be credited to the account each month. Please note that it is not possible to make foreign currency transfers or set up SEPA B2B direct debits. For accounts opened on or after 19 October 2020, which have a balance of more than 50,000 euros, a fee of 0.50% will also be charged with retroactive effect on amounts in excess of these 50,000 euros.

Thanks to a partnership with SumUp, N26 Business customers can benefit from one reduction of more than 35% at the payment terminal 29 euros. Wireless and rechargeable, this payment collection tool can be taken anywhere and accepts all types of bank cards.

These accounts are intended for auto entrepreneurs features to best manage their budget, such as real-time notifications, automatic expense categorization, and access to transaction history. The owner can too create sub-accounts, to dedicate them to specific projects, e.g. If needed, customer service is available 7 days a week, via chatbot, live chat or phone, depending on the offer.

The free offer: N26 Business

N26 Business is the free mobile banking offer. To 0 euros per month, the professional has a virtual Mastercard business card. Ordering a physical card costs 10 euros. This gives access to 3 free withdrawals in euros per month and 0.10% cashback on all purchases. For international withdrawals, a commission of 1.70% applies.

N26 Business Smart

With this offer 4.90 euros per month, nobank offers a full service account at a competitive price. In fact, the N26 Business Smart integrates a Mastercard business card, available in 5 different colors, but also another card, if required, available on request. The number of free withdrawals per month increases to 5 (2 euros in addition). In addition to 0.10% cashback, the holder can create up to 10 subaccounts, which he can share with other N26 users. He also has access to discounts with many partners which offers tools that are useful for professionals (Google Ads, Lightricks, And.co, Fiverr …). This form allows you to contact customer service by phonein addition to the cat.

N26 Business You

To 9.90 euros per monththe auto entrepreneur enjoys peace of mind on a daily basis and especially on his travels with N26 Business You: Unlimited currency payments and withdrawals5 free monthly withdrawals in the euro area, 0.10% cashback … foreign insurance, the professional is covered in case of flight and baggage delay, travel cancellation or medical expenses. As for the other services, it enjoys the same benefits as the Smart offer.

N26 Business Metal, the exclusive offer

Premium mobile banking offers, N26 Business Metaljustifies its price on 16.90 euros per month by its stainless steel Mastercard business card, available in 3 colors, which allows you to take advantage of one 0.50% cashback on all purchases. The offer is largely the same as Business You in terms of operations abroad, sub-accounts and benefits with partners. Holders of this offer may, however, contact a dedicated customer service by phone and this 7 days a week In addition, they also have 8 free monthly withdrawals in the euro area. In the case of supplementary insurance, their mobile phones are covered in the event of theft or damage, as are the vehicles, bicycles or scooters they rent out on a self-service basis.

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