📰 A giant image of 4.4 million galaxies published

Over a period of seven years, ie. between 2014 and 2021, an international scientific team involved in the Paris Observatory – PSL, University of Orléans and CNRS mapped more than a quarter of the sky in the ‘hemisphere’ nerd (North is a cardinal point, opposite south.) user radio telescope (A radio telescope is a specific telescope used in radio astronomy for …) European Low Frequency Array (LOFAR). It reveals a detailed X-ray image of over 4.4 million objects and a lot dynamic (The word dynamic is often used to denote or qualify what is related to movement. It …) of ours Universe (The universe is the sum of all that exists and the laws that govern it.). Now that this tax off data (In information technology (IT), data is an elementary description, often …) been reproduced (Reproduction is a computer process that calculates the 2D image (equivalent to a photograph) …) publicly, anyone can access some of the most exotic objects in our universe.

The majority of objects discovered by LOFAR are billions of light-years away. Their light (Light is the set of electromagnetic waves that are visible to the eye …) radio is created by electrically charged, hyperenergic particles accelerated by explosions of young, massive stars in galaxies or by huge black holes. Rare objects have also been discovered and include groups of distant galaxies in collision (A collision is a direct collision between two objects. Such a collision transmits part of …) and flare stars in The Milky Way (Milky Way (also called “our galaxy”, or sometimes …).

Many scientific articles have already been published thanks to the wealth of information contained in this image, which until now was only available to researchers from the international consortium. Studies have e.g. focused onobservation (Observation is the act of attentive follow-up of phenomena, without the will to see them …) “jellyfish galaxies” that release fabric (Matter is the substance that constitutes any body with a tangible reality. Its …) when they cross theirs environment (The environment is everything that surrounds us. It is all the natural elements and …) or large outbreaks ofenergy (In common sense, energy means anything that allows you to work, make energy, etc.) of black holes that disturb the extragalactic environment. These data also allowed the discovery of signals coming from nearby stars that could be induced by exoplanets in orbit (In celestial mechanics, a orbit is the orbit drawn by a body in space …) or detection of a pulsar (A pulsar is the name of a neutron star that spins a lot …) rotating slow (Lente is a river in Tuscany.) whose existence challenges current theories that describe such objects. that number (The concept of numbers in linguistics is dealt with in the article “Number …) and complexity (Complexity is a term used in philosophy, epistemology (for …) radio galaxies discovered by LOFAR are e.g. project (A project is an irreversible commitment with uncertain result, which can not be reproduced to …) of science (Science (Latin scientia, “knowledge”) is according to the dictionary …) participant is created.

📰 A giant image of 4.4 million galaxies published
A composite radio image (LoTSS; purple), UV (GALEX; yellow) and X-ray (ROSAT; blue) image of the Cygnus Loop supernova remnant. This spectacular structure of the Milky Way is something to look forward to in future LoTSS data releases as the study now begins to explore our Galaxy (Galaxies is a French quarterly magazine devoted to science fiction. With …).

This huge map was produced using state-of-the-art algorithms developed by “Galaxies, Stars, physical (Physics (from Greek φυσις, nature) is etymological …) and instrumentation (The word instrumentation is used in several areas 🙂 (GEPI, Paris Observatory (The Paris Observatory was born out of the project, in 1667, to create an astronomical observatory …) – PSL / CNRS). They have been installed on powerful computers acrossEurope (Europe is a land region that can be considered a …) to treat the 3500 time (Time is a unit of measurement 🙂 observations occupying 8 petabytes disk (The word disc is used both in geometry and in everyday life to denote a …) (equivalent to a stack of DVD (The official Digital Versatile Disc DVD – although other names are …) 2 km high). This data release, which is by far the largest of the LOFAR Two-meter Sky Survey, contains approximately one million (One million (1,000,000) is the natural number after nine hundred and ninety-nine …) objects never seen before – everything (The whole understood as the whole of what exists is often interpreted as the world or …) confused energy domain.

L ‘astronomer (An astronomer is a scientist who specializes in the study of astronomy.) Timothy Shimwell (University of Leiden and ASTRON) said: “Every time we synthesize a map, our screens reveal objects to us that have never been seen before by human eyes. Exploring these unknown phenomena shining in the radio-energy universe is a incredible experience and our team is excited to share this card with the general public.It represents only 27% of the final picture, but we expect it will still lead to many other scientific breakthroughs, including studying the evolution of The largest structures in the universe, supermassive black holes, the physics that control the formation of stars in distant galaxies. ”


LOFAR is a low frequency observation radio telescope, designed and built by ASTRON. It has facilities forobservation (Observation is the act of attentive follow-up of phenomena, without the will to see them …)processing and storage of data in several Country (Land comes from the Latin pagus, which denoted a territorial and tribal division of extent …)owned by different parties (each with their own sources of funding) and jointly operated by the international fund LOFAT Telescope (ILT) under a policy scientific (A scientist is a person who is dedicated to the study of a science or sciences and who …) common.

ILT resources have benefited from the following major recent funding: CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research, better known by its acronym CNRS, is the largest …)Observatory of Paris (Paris is a French city, capital of France and capital of the region …) – PSL, the station radio astronomy (Radio astronomy is a branch of astronomy that deals with observing the sky in …) of Nançay andUniversity (A university is an institution of higher education whose goal is …) of Orleans, France; BMBF, MIWF-NRW, MPG, Germany; Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI), Ireland; NWO, Holland; Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK; Ministry of Science andeducation (The teaching (from the Latin “insignis”, remarkable, marked with a sign, excellent) is a …) superior, Poland; National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF), Italy.

This research (Scientific research initially identifies all the measures taken with a view to …) used the Dutch national infrastructure with the support of SURF (e-infra 180169) and NWO (grant 2019.056), LOFAR Netherlands Long Term Archive hosted by SURF and the LOFAR e-infra group. Jülich LOFAR long-term archive and network (A computer network is a set of equipment that is linked together to exchange information …) German LOFAR is both coordinated and operated by the Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC), and computer resources on JSC’s JUWELS supercomputer were provided by the Gauss Center for Supercomputing eV (CHTB00 grant) through John Institute (An institute is a permanent organization created for a specific purpose. It is …) von Neumann forcomputer science (IT – contraction of information and automatic – is the domain …) (NIC).

This research used the University of Hertfordshire High Performance Computing Facility and LOFAR-UK Computing Facility located at the University of Hertfordshire and supported by STFC [ST/P000096/1]and the LOFAR IT infrastructure Italian (Italian is the name commonly used for the rope used to maneuver a wheelchair …) supported and run by INAF, and by the Department of Physics at the University of Turin (Turin (Türìn in Piedmontese – Turin in Italian) is a city, capital of …) (under an agreement with the Consorzio Interuniversitario per la Fisica Spaziale) at the C3S Supercomputing Center, Italy. Algorithmic developments were performed using the Nançay Data Center. Data is published via the SURF Data Repository, which is supported by the EU-funded DICE project (H2020-INFRAEOSC-2018-2020 under agreement of give (A grant is financial support, ie a sum of money, which is …) No. 101017207).

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