Pro mobile account for self-employed

Pro mobile account for self-employed

The Hello Business offer is designed for the self-employed and includes all the benefits of an online bank: a mobile account with a Visa card, which offers free transactions worldwide, an overdraft, insurance and the option to redeem all forms of payment.

Hi bank, BNP Pariba’s online bank, has since May 2021 offered an account dedicated to the self-employed (craftsmen, traders, liberal professions, freelancers, etc.). This completely digital offer, 10.90 euros excluding tax per month, are designed to facilitate their daily operation. A specific customer service, Hello Team Pro, has also been set up, available 6 days a week and specializing in professional issues.

Hello Business offer

This formula includes a professional account with French IBAN and a Visa Hello Business card, instant or deferred debit, depending on the customer’s choice. All payments and withdrawals, whether made in euros or foreign currency, are free of charge. This card is compatible with contactless payment, as well as mobile payments via Apple Pay. For other means of payment, SEPA direct debits and transfers are also free, even instantly. Money transfers in foreign currency are also not charged, provided that the transaction is denominated in the recipient’s currency. The proprietor also benefits from a checkbook which can be sent to their home free of charge.

This pro account allows its user to be paid in several ways:

  • by transfer,
  • with credit card using Lyf Pro, an application that turns your smartphone into a payment terminal (1.35% of the transaction amount),
  • by checking that he can scan via the application or deposit in a BNP Paribas branch, at no extra cost,
  • cash, as deposits at BNP Pariba’s network counters are free,
  • via a Hello Pay Pro mobile payment terminal, 39 euros excluding VAT, connected via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone. It allows you to collect card payments with code validation, contactless payments and mobile payments (a 1.60% commission applies to each transaction).

Another benefit of this offer is to offer an overdraft to its customers: the holder automatically benefits from a cash facility of 1550 euros, to better manage its cash flows. For those who need long-term financing, it is possible to apply for a professional loan.up to 25,000 euros. The latter requires no warranty and does not generate administration fees. Please note that this is reserved for customers who have had the Hello Business offer for at least 6 months.

This account is completely manageable from the Hello bank application, where the holder follows his transactions in real time and configures his card. He can block and unblock, enable and disable contactless or online payments, and change his payment and payout limits. All current operations can of course be performed on this application: transfers, addition of beneficiaries, contact to customer service, declaration for insurance … In addition, thanks to the service My business assistant starts, the freelancer produces his quotes and invoices with a few clicks from his phone. Every month, the VAT charged is calculated automatically.

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Insurance and assistance guarantees included

Hello business card holder is covered during business trips, but also in case of a dispute with a customer or supplier. In fact, he can call for legal assistance as much as he wants for information, and benefit from paying fees in case of legal consultation with a lawyer (up to 300 euros excluding tax per year).

In the case of travel, the insurance covers, within certain limits, cancellation, interruption or change of travel, delay of train or plane, loss or delay of luggage and death or permanent disability of the insured. If he rents a vehicle that has been stolen or damaged, the cost is also reimbursed.

Finally, the professional benefits from an income from hospitalization for more than one day after illness or accident: 100 euros incl. tax per day spent in the hospital, within the limit of 60 days.

Who can open a Hello Business account?

This offer is reserved for professionals who are natural persons, adults and skilled, who live in France and who have chosen sole proprietorship. EIRLs and micro-enterprises are therefore eligible.

Subscription takes place completely online: all you have to do is fill out a form with your contact information, provide the supporting documents (identity document, proof of registration less than 3 months old) and sign the contract electronically. An initial payment of at least 10 euros is required to complete the opening of the account.

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