The Metaverse: Responsible Innovation?

Ferran Argelaguet will be present at the Digital Tech Conference, which will take place on Tuesday 6 December in Rennes. He will be one of the conference’s presenters: ” The metaverse, (ir)responsible innovation? which will address the main issues surrounding this new technology. Ferran ARGELAGUET, Inria researcher Dr. Ferran Argelaguet is part of the Hybrid … Read more

The Smurfs land in the metaverse of the Winkyverse

Mainbot, creator of the first metaverse educational video game, The Winkyverse, and IMPS, worldwide licensee of the Smurfs, announce their partnership to take their first steps into the metaverse of The Winkyverse. Winkyverse is a welcoming and accessible universe that is aimed at all target groups, adults, children and families. Offering a wide variety of … Read more

The EU organizes a gala for €387,000… Which gathers 5 people

A metaverse that failed to seduce. The European Commission’s humanitarian aid department proposed a gala this week to present its new virtual universe. But the latter attracted almost no one, and critics pointed to the exorbitant costs of this communications operation. Metaverse : l’UE organise un gala à 387 000 €… Qui rassemble 5 personnes … Read more

Casino creates bridges between metaverse and physical world

that Casino group develops a sophisticated strategy around metaverse and Web3with one conviction: the complementarity with the existing in a logic ofomnichannel. Testimony of Stephanie Zolesiomanaging director of Casino property. The initiatives Web3 swarm within Casino group. Monoprix has e.g. launched NFT collections and organized acculturation workshops in Parisian stores. That New Basementwhich will soon … Read more

Metaverse and churches: a new kind of virtual world

VR Church Bible is one of many spiritual spaces in development metaverse. It has seen its size and popularity increase dramatically during the pandemic. COVID-19. Founded in the United States in 2016 by DJ Sotoa priest based in FredericksburgVirginia, VR Church Bible has seen its number of participants increase steadily year after year. “Some religious … Read more

What is the “metaverse”?

Metaverse, metaverse, meta-universe, or metaverse, we’ve only been talking about this term since Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed it the successor to the Internet. But what is its exact definition? In October 2021, faced with the accumulation of business, Facebook changed its name. Mark Zuckerberg’s group announces it will be “Meta” and casually presents its vision for … Read more

The Metaverse, a Universe of Economic Opportunity? Dubai believes in it

Its first followers say so: it’s time to join the Metaverse. Researchers estimate that by 2026, one in four of us will spend at least an hour a day there for work, shopping, exercise, socializing or entertainment. But for most of us, this alternate digital world remains a mystery. It is actually a computer generated … Read more

Get Started in the Metaverse: Top Solutions

Take advantage of new offers from Boomrang Events Call a team of passionate corporate event specialists and treat yourself to an experience that reflects your image. In video, face to face or hybrid, innovate in the organization of your events! Apart from online entertainment, metaverse is also a revolutionary tool for businesses. It allows you … Read more